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Creative Director: concept, research and performance

Thelma Bonavita is an artist whose work exists in the transit between choreography, visual arts and fashion. Currently living in Berlin, Germany and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Bonavita' s works deals with notions of fiction, human senses and abstraction. They appear in different formats, from smaller intimate performances to large scale production. Also she make use of different medias as objects, publications, video, conceptual parties and rituals. She was articulator of Como clube, a mutant platform for artistic creation and undisciplined life environment. Invited to the 31st São Paulo Biennial as an aesthetic mediation for the Trans-religion Symposium, in 2014.

Bonavita teaches and gives workshops related to creative processes from the study of body and perception (tools and compositional practices), which can be transported to the most appropriate media. She held workshops at the Casa do Povo and Red Bull of Arts in São Paulo, Tromsø Academy of Arts, Tromsø in Norway, Royal College of Arts in London, Agora Collective in Berlin, among others.

Recently premiered a contemporary dance piece entitled Fleshion [appearances] at the Sesc Biennial of Dance in Campinas and presented solo performance, Archeology of Desire [fleshion] at the Galeria Casa Nova Arte, in São Paulo, in 2017. Both as part of the long-term project, Archeology of Desire, which speculates notions of time, body, fashion and desire.



Collaborator : research and performance

Ana Dupas is an artist whose work crosses fields of performance, choreography and body studies.Graduated in Bachelor's Degree in Arts Education in the Department of Visual Arts / University of São Paulo in 2006, working for more than 15 years in several projects and institutions of art education.

Dupas studied somatic education, contemporary dance and contact improvisation in important dance studios in São Paulo as Nova Dança Studio and during 10 years practicing Eutonia, holding since last year a diploma by the Brazilian Institute of Eutonia. In 2017 gave "Eutonia - Gerda Alexander Tonus Dynamics" workshop at the Sensing Body Practices of Attentive Movement (Berlin, Germany). Also in 2017 took part of Goethe Institute artistic residency at Vila Itororó - São Paulo with the "Canteirinho" project, a space for artistic coexistence between children and adults. Dupas co-founded COMO Clube, an intense artistic residency gathering several artists engaged in create collective contexts for intergenerational trans- and in-disciplinary experimental practices, as well as for research relating to sexuality and body politics, autonomy, and emancipation, presenting also performances in festivals and institutions in Brazil as SESC and Biennial of Arts in São Paulo. 

Recently she continued working on her score SPET - Performative System of Translation Studies framed by COMO clube performative studies, as well as the project MOBSOUL, in partnership with Allyson Amaral. She was invited by the choreographer Thelma Bonavita to collaborate and perform the dance piece FLESHION_ politics and poetics of appearance, with Juliana França, with whom has been also collaborating since 2013 producing artistic and pedagogical contexts in the form of choreographic studies and dance critic laboratories in festival and institutions in various cities of Brazil as Juiz de Fora, Santos and São Paulo.



Collaborator: research and performance

Juliana França is an artist interested in dance and its crosses. Graduated in dance from UNICAMP (State University of Campinas) and a specialist from UFBA (Federal University of Bahia) in Contemporary Studies in Dance. Engaged in encounters with other artists and contexts as Núcleo do Dirceu (Teresina, PI) and Como clube (São Paulo, SP).

In 2018, França was invited to develop an occupation at the Theater of the Center of the Earth sharing her creative process TOTAL. She created the show ■co-directed by Alejandro Ahmed (Cena 11), co-produced by SESC-São Paulo. In 2016 the show premiere at the Festival MIRADA (Santos) later integrates the program of the JUNTA International Dance Festival (Teresina) and at the Reference Center of Dance in São Paulo.

Since 2013 the DARK ROOM research has been carried out in the format of artistic residencies followed by public shows in the cities of Santos, São Paulo and Juiz de Fora. She is the winner of the Aesthetic Interactions Prize in Culture Points in 2011 with the ORDINÁRIO project, held at the Dirceu Center (Teresina / PI) and two editions of the Cultural Support Independent Cultural Projects Contest of the Municipality of Santos, 2015 (DARKROOM ) and 2017 (OFFICE).

She is the creator of the Festival CAUSA <artistic actions> in collaboration with Leticia Nabuco where she developed projects of art criticism and coordinated artistic residencies of creation. As an interpreter, she collaborated with the 1000 houses project (Núcleo do Dirceu). Also with Gabriela Maiorino, conducted in cooperation between Dansmakers, Amsterdam / Holanda and Núcleo do Dirceu, Teresina / PI.

In 2010 she was the creator of One Family by Julia Bardsley (London), 2011.



Collaborator and performer

PEDRO GALIZA is a trans-media artist residing in Zona Norte , suburb of São Paulo city. Pedro is a non-binary person, working as a body’ artist engaged in creative proposals that extend into various artistic phenomena - whether in the art of action, performance, music, cinema, dance, audiovisual realities, theatre, fashion and so on. His research focuses on autonomy; the culture of remix; the death drive; and essentially the transfiguration (access and allow to be what I am not, or that I do not know).

His works have already been activated, exhibited and published in the following projects: La Plataformance Festival, All Gêneros Exhibition (Itaú Cultural), Performatus Festival (SESC Santos), Transparent Gallery (CCJF Rio de Janeiro), Fricções Negritudes (SESC Ipiranga) , Corpus Urbis Festival (UNIFAP, Macapá), Solo and Monologues Exhibition, In Loqus: Presentation of Presentations (SESC Santo Amaro). He is always available to collaborate with artists from all over the world - as well as collaborating in the project '' Friction Situations # Variação Nula '' (SESC Paulista and Funarte SP) with the Núcleo Entre_Tanto, coordinated by the dancer and choreographer Wellington Duarte. He also collaborated with artist Vera Sala during a period of residence at Casa das Caldeiras, and some projects with artists Mirella Brandi x MuepEtmo in the projects '' Setup To Fail '' (Center of the Earth), FFOBIA SECTOR (CCBB São Paulo and SESC Pompeia São Paulo) and '' OUTRO '' (Museum of Image and Sound) in São Paulo.



composer and guitar player

PIERO BONAVITA is a composer and guitar player.

Studying baccalaureate in Composition in the Department of Music of USP. Graduated in Audio and Acoustic Fundamentals, and Pro Tools by the Institute of Audio and Video (2014). Stage by the studio Ambulante in production of soundtracks for films with the composers Antônio Pinto and Beto Villares (2010), as well as the production of the album "Caixa Preta" dedicated to Itamar Assumpção. Participation in the 2014 Biennial with the Como Club in "Aesthetic mediation of the Trans-religion symposium". Guitarist and composer in the band Krakar (2015-2017). He presented at the Casanova Gallery the performance "Archeology of Desire" by Thelma Bonavita in 2017. And he composed for the remake of Fleshion [appearances], performed at Casa Miani, São Paulo, SP, 2019. Composed and performed with Bruno Mendonça, “Campos de Invisibilidade” , São Paulo, SP, SESC belenzinho, 2019.

Currently working at studio Ambulante - Beto Villares.